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Things To Do

Powell's City of Books

Powell's is claimed to be the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world. We recommend spending an hour or two exploring the block-wide bookstore. They likely have what you're looking for!


Discover the wonders of science at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland! From hands-on exhibits to captivating planetarium shows, ignite your curiosity and embark on an adventure for all ages.

Multnomah Falls

Towering majestically at 620 feet, Multnomah Falls is the crown jewel of the Columbia River Gorge. Take a beautiful 30 minute drive from the center of Portland and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty, feel the mist on your face, and create unforgettable memories.

McMenamins Kennedy School

Step into history and luxury at McMenamins Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon! This former elementary school has been transformed into a captivating destination, where classic charm meets modern comfort. Enjoy handcrafted brews, eclectic dining, and unique accommodations in a setting that blends nostalgia with sophistication

Wine Tasting in the Willamette Valley

Embark on a wine adventure in Oregon's enchanting Willamette Valley! Explore acclaimed wineries like Argyle, Soter Vineyards, and Lange Estate Winery & Vineyards, where each sip unveils the region's winemaking mastery. From rich Pinot Noirs to crisp Chardonnays, indulge in the best of Oregon's wine scene amidst stunning landscapes.

Looking for some wine tasting without leaving the city? Check out local greats such as Battle Creek Cellars, Helioterra Winery, Division Winemaking Company, and Teutonic Wine Company